English Shepherds

UPDATE: Fair Shining Farm is excited to announce that Askeladden is clear of all genetic diseases that can affect English Shepherds! If you are looking for a stud for an exceptional bitch that is heterozygous or even homozygous for one of these genes, he would be a great choice for a healthy litter!

Fair Shining Farm will be expecting their first litter of English Shepherd puppies late Spring of 2019. They will be placed in working farm homes only. If you are interested in learning more about this litter and getting on the wait list, please contact us through our Facebook page or the Contact form at the bottom of the page.

Askeladden of Fair Shining "Asher"                                                  DOB 02/29/2016
English Shepherd Club Registry # ESC-4690
MDR1- Clear by pedigree
Collie Eye Anomaly- Clear by DNA test
Progressive Retinal Atrophy- Clear by DNA test
Degenerative Myelopathy- Clear by DNA test
PennHip- Awaiting results
Bred by Tish Toren of Blacksheep Homestead  
Tish is a fantastic breeder of English Shepherds and I am blessed that she chose to entrust Asher to my care!
Asher's 3 generation pedigree


Embla of Windfall "Ember"                                                                 DOB 02/27/2017
MDR1- Carrier
Collie Eye Anomaly- Carrier
Progressive Retinal Atrophy- Clear by Pedigree
Degenerative Myelopathy- Clear by Pedigree
Pennhip- Testing to be done
Bred by Andrea Dodge of Windfall Farm in Washington.
Ember's Dam's Pedigree (Her sire is not in the system yet. Once it is this will be updated with Ember's Pedigree)