About Me

Fair Shining Farms and Crafts was born out of romance and a love of nature. And not a small amount of unrealistic optimism! 

The farm name is born from my favorite hymn  "This is my Father's World" which is based off a poem by Malbie Davenport Babcock. More specifically the line: "This is my Fathers world, He shines in all that's fair. In the rustling grass I hear Him pass, He speaks to me everywhere"

As a person I strive to honor the Lord.

As a farmer I strive to be a good steward, to preserve heritage breeds and heirloom crops, and to preserve the land and animals by using sustainable practices. These include not using chemicals (the rare expection being medicating livestock to prevent suffering) and using native plants in the yard.

As a business I strive to protect other humans by only buying fair trade new goods, reusing materials, and eco friendly dyes, paints and inks. The reuse of materials allows me to offer a price point more people can access and still avoid supporting the sweat shops. The paints I use will be VOC free and whenever possible water soluable. My goal is to eventually only use GOTS or Oeko-Tek materials.

Overall I plan to be as plastic free as possible.